Quality printouts are very much essential as without the quality is there in the printouts, there is no use of printing the documents. Through the printers settings itself, the printer can be set to such settings that will provide the users with the highest quality printouts.

There are many factors due to which the printing quality can be increased and one of them is setting the printing settings to such which can provide the best of the print outs. Sometimes the fault lies in the printers settings and not with the hardware that is why it is important to know how to update the printers setting to the highest quality of printing.

The main thing that hampers the printing quality is :

  • Due to the default settings, there is a chance that some of the printers do not perform to their best as they are set to the settings that save the power, ink and paper.
  • It is vital to know that through making the changes in the printers settings, the best quality printouts can be achieved without making any changes.
  • Print quality can be easily solved just by knowing the settings of the printer well and setting them to the point where only high-quality professional printing can be achieved. 

Print Speed Settings

  • In the printers settings, there is an option of changing the printer speed that ranges from 5-20 pages per minute.
  • In the printers adjustment control menu, these settings are placed and they can be changed accordingly to use the printer optimally. Just by increasing the print speed the colour saturation will get reduced and to decrease the print speed to get high colour saturation in the print outs.
  • Through this, the quality of the printing can be changed according to the requirements.

Resolution Settings of the printer

  • It is important to set the highest possible resolution settings on the printer. The adjustments can be made in these through the print menu.
  • Mainly in the printer’s control panel, these settings can be found. The aim is to set to the highest dots per inch settings that range from 72 to 2400 dpi.
  • Making a change in the dpi settings will have a major impact on the printing quality and highest quality will come out. The settings of 300 dpi gets normal quality, at 600 dpi good quality graphics can be printed, at 1200 dpi gets good quality documents and at 1440+ dpi professional photography level quality can be achieved.

Hence according to the requirements the dpi level must be changed in order to get the best out of the printer.

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