Did You Know?

Almost 350 million cartridges are dumped in the landfills annually, roughly estimating to a whopping 29 million per month.

Each discarded laser cartridge adds approximately 1.4 Kg of plastic and metal waste to the landfills. This adds up to roughly 60,000 tons of plastic waste annually, that takes more than 1,000 years (that’s 10 centuries!) to disintegrate.

Almost 3L of oil is used up in the production of a single laser cartridge. Imagine how much oil goes into making those 350 million cartridges that are discarded annually!

We at PowerPoint, are committed to adopting, manufacturing, and promoting sustainable printing solutions that decrease consumable waste, and as a result, carbon impact. Our compatible toner cartridges are a result of our attentiveness to save the planet.

Each empty cartridge that is reused diminishes the amount of plastic going into landfills. Cartridge reusing also lessens the number of natural resources needed to produce new cartridges. By recycling printer cartridges, we cut down the waste piling up in the environment.

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