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What is Print Management Software? Benefits of Print Management Software

The employee Aditya love to print full-color pages for his daughter. He uses his work-place printing machine, as it’s free, right? You have no print management solutions put into place, so how can managers address these sorts of expensive behaviors? You’re disposing hundreds of dollars per year, per employee. If that sounds disturbing, it should be. Office employees print an average of about 10,000 pages per year, costing employers an average of $725 per employee per year.

Print Management Software makes it easy for office process owners to reduce wasteful paper printing. Let me tell you more about print management system.

What Is Print Management Software or Print Monitoring Software?

Print management software refers to the use of software to allow organizations to centralize administration and lower the cost of printing by providing tools to better monitor, control and maintain their entire printer fleet from a single user interface. It saves cost on print material and also provides combination with browser and desktop tools. It offers better and effective management with networked printers. It not only manages printing but also other aspect related to printing. It is used in the management of volume and nature of print materials. It also lay out the options for user testament to get hold of printers and other document print services. It commands the print queues and provides secure method of printing.

Here’s how Print Management Software can benefit your business-

Benefits of Print Management Software:

  1. User wise Print Report: Print management software can give you contentment and satisfaction through its monitoring process. This will stimulate employees to print only when necessary and will keep personal prints minimal. Tracing your business’ printing can help you recover costs and limit and control usage on your device. Print management software can transform your business’ printing costs, from administrative spending to wasteful habits.
    1. Expediently track and oversee user, printer & department wise print count reports under one umbrella on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
    2. Print jobs user, department and branch wise User Wise Print Report.
  1. Administer centrally, manages easily: It provides browser based administration access from any network location, providing the latest administration and configuration option. Users have access to a set of web tools to track their own activity in real-time, query their account balances, view transactions, and transfer credit to other users.
    1. Customer having multiple branches can monitor centrally page count and printing activity logs of all branches individually as well as consolidated report.
    2. Central syncing/monitoring can be done in two ways.
    3. Web Page Service, secure access for Reports & Monitoring.
  1. Supply Level Alerts & Alerts Settings:
    1. Never come up short on your toner cartridges again. The software sends real time advance notifications to the clients if the toner level is low or critical.
    2. Also can manually set your alerts limits to consider the before days of usage in case of emergency.
  2. Printer Fault Alerts:
    1. In-built tools of the print monitor software aid to effectively manage the print fleet by informing you about empty toner, paper jam, printer faults or any other standard errors alerts that printer provides on email.
    2. That’s make the unique system wherein application gives auto-error alert.

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